Taking Every Precaution During COVID-19

UPDATED July 1, 2020

Quick summary:

  • Our current default delivery option is “no-contact/doorstep drop-off” for all orders.
  • Our delivery teams are taking extra precautions to limit contact during deliveries.
  • We are ensuring the highest standard of cleanliness for our furniture and trucks.

Should you opt to have our Standard service, we will ask you to confirm that your risk of transmitting COVID-19 (you will be sent a pre-delivery survey) is low and that you will wear a mask to protect our team during the delivery and set up process any time you will be in close proximity to them. Our team will be doing the same and goes through regular temperature screening and risk evaluation.

To Our Fernish Community,

I wanted to let you know what we’re doing to keep our customers and employees safe in response to coronavirus. Our team has created a plan for all deliveries using guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as well as with the most recent guidance and orders from the states of California and Washington and the counties and municipalities that we service. At this time, we are focused on:

  1. Encouraging the option for no-contact/doorstep drop-off for all orders We’re taking all precautions here, and are now defaulting to the option that completely eliminates in-person contact during your delivery. We will still assemble most of your furniture (the pieces that are likely to fit through the doorway assembled) and place them outside of your door. You’ll just need to get them inside and placed where you want them. We highly encourage this no-contact option. If you have already placed an order without no-contact delivery, you can still opt in by emailing our customer service team (info@fernish.co) at least four business days prior to your delivery.
  2. Enhancing our normal delivery process to ensure customers are safe and healthy
    Before your delivery, you will receive a questionnaire that will ask for logistical details as well as a few questions meant to understand your risk for COVID-19 infection. Based on your replies, our team will determine the options and precautions necessary. Upon arrival, (if we are meeting you and not performing a no-contact delivery) our delivery team will apply hand sanitizer, and they’ll ask you to do the same! The teams will be wearing gloves and a mask and will take special care to avoid physical contact throughout the delivery process (instead of shaking your hand, you can expect a friendly greeting) and will ask you to keep a distance of at least 6 feet. At the end of your delivery, they will spend some extra time cleaning up.
  3. Ensuring the highest standard of cleanliness for our furniture and trucks
    We have always used an industrial cleaning process on all of our furniture. Before any items are delivered to your home, they go through a thorough inspection, cleaning, and refurbishing process by our expert in-house team. We’ll continue to uphold our high standards. In addition, we’ll take extra care in sterilizing our delivery vehicles each and every day.

Finally, please reschedule your delivery if you, or anyone else in your home has any cold or flu-like symptoms or have any potential risk factors. We’ll hold your items for you, don’t worry. We will continue to remain conscious of your health, your neighbors’, and our delivery teams’ here at Fernish. We’re all in this together!


Michael Barlow

CEO of Fernish

Giving back to our community: update as of July 1, 2020

For the last several months, we have been donating $5 for every order delivered to COVID-19 charities based in our local communities. While we have suspended that campaign, we continue to make regular charitable donations to COVID-19 and other important community charitable causes. We still support the work of both of our partner charities listed below, and we hope you might consider doing the same.

Here’s more about what we were doing:
As ever, the Fernish team’s passion is to help people effortlessly have the home that they love — a place of ease and joy. Amidst the uncertainty and sudden change that COVID-19 has brought to all of our lives, we have felt your pain as comfort and happiness became more elusive or unreliable. To try to do a bigger part, we donated $5 from every new order in March, April, May, and June to local charities that are offering relief to those most affected by COVID-19 in the cities we serve.

In LA, we partnered with the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles, which is taking quick action to distribute resources to those in need. The Mayor’s fund is allocating money to help families, seniors, and unhoused neighbors that are struggling right now. It’s distributing meals, providing shelter, and helping with child support. It’s also allocating funds to healthcare workers who are battling the virus each and every day. This includes the distribution of vital healthcare equipment, testing kits, and personal protective gear, to those who need it.

In Seattle, we partnered with the Seattle Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund. The Seattle Foundation gives grants to nonprofits that are working on the front lines to provide vulnerable communities with emergency assistance such as financial support, healthcare, and child care. The first round of grants has prioritized helping lower-income residents, workers whose industries have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, communities of color, residents with disabilities, and more. The Seattle Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund has raised and distributed over $20 million so far.

We know it’s important for us to #CareForTheCommunal (one of our company values) and be there for one another. We’re honored to be able to do our part. Stay safe and connected. We’re in this together.

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